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XML Benchmark

Objective of this project to provide benchmarking toolset for all available multiplatform C/C++ (and some in other languages as well) XML libraries.

Currently the following XML toolkits are supported: Just parsers:

Following separate benchmarks are provided:
  • Non-Validating Parsing with Native, SAX, DOM Engines
  • Creating + Serializing DOM tree
  • Schema Validation
  • XSL Transformation
  • XML Security (Signature, Encryption)

Following XML sources are supported:
  • Any valid XML file (with optional XSL, XSD companions)
  • XMLGen - a simple XML generator (variable size)
  • XMark - XML generator modeling an auction website (variable size)
  • OPCGen - Generator producing XML OPC-DA message sequence (variable size and length


11.10.2009 Results for RapidXML, VTD-XML, Tango, FAXPP, Mono, etc.

12.06.2009 Updated results

12.06.2009 Support for Intel XML Suite, ASMXML, and Parabix

20.03.2004 Small FAQ are published

14.02.2004 Version 1.3.1:LibXML2 parsing optimizations (both SAX and DOM), Implemented XMark (http://monetdb.cwi.nl/xml/index.html) xml generator support. Since linking with pthreads drastically affects performance and threading enviroment is widespread case nowdays, option to link all tests againist threads library are provided (by default)

10.02.2004 New results are published

10.02.2004 Version 1.3.0: Experemental support of XML Encryption for Apache XML Security. OPC XSD Schema update to OPC XML-DA 1.0 Specification. Improved OPC message exchange emulation (Results of OPCGEN benchmarks will be incompatible with previous releases)

28.10.2003 Version 1.2.2: XmlSec 1.2.x support, Makefiles updated to latest Arabica

22.06.2003 Version 1.2: XmlSec1 and Apache XML Security for C libraries support added. Support for Xalan 1.5 and IBM XML4C 5.2. Different minor fixes and configuration enchantments.

07.04.2003 Version 1.1: Simplified configuration, Xerces 2.2 support

23.02.2003 Some results now available here

20.02.2003 First public release available