XML Benchmark Results 10.10.2009
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Benchmark Setup

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In all benchmarks lower values are better!

Performance Index computation: The time required to process data is measured in all tests. This time, then, is divided by the time required by a reference implementation to accomplish the same task on the same data. The resulting value is called performance index and shown on performance charts below. To prevent poisoning of overall result by a single failed test, the maximal value of the performance index for a single run is limited by 10 (and 15 for DOM parsing benchmark). The libraries from Gnome XML Toolkit (LibXML, LibXSLT, and XMLSec) are used as the reference implementations.

Stream (SAX/PULL) Parsing Benchmark

Random Access (DOM) Parsing Benchmark

Parsing+Processing Benchmark, XMLGen 256KB

Parsing+Processing Benchmark, XMark 4MB

Parsing in Deferred Mode

If deferred Mode is used, Xerces/J and Intel/J postpone creation of most DOM objects until they are requested using DOM API.

Deferred Mode Evaluation, Xerces-J

Parsing vs. Parsing + Processing

Deferred Mode Evaluation, Intel-J

Parsing vs. Parsing + Processing

ASMXML Performance

ASMXML is a very basic parser implemented in pure assembler language.

Benchmark of LibXML Bindings

LibXML Bindings, including cl-libxml

DOM Manipulations Benchmark

XSD Validation Benchmark

XSL Transformation Benchmark

XML Security Benchmark

Memory Usage: Stream Parsing

Memory Usage: DOM Parsing

Memory Usage: Processing 256 KB File

Memory Usage: Processing 8 MB File

Overall Charts

Compiler Benchmark

Encodings Benchmark

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